Sitemap - 2021 - Foresight Institute

Sergey Young, Neil Littman | Longevity Investing Q&A

Adam Brown | Cosmology, Inflation and Black Holes

Mark Miller & Dean Tribble | The Agoric Approach to Computing

Daniel Ives | Cellular Rejuvenation to Stop Aging

Samo Burja | Civilization: Institutions, Knowledge and the Future

Robin Hanson | Anthony Aguirre | Paul Gebheim | Thomas Pfeiffer | Martin Koeppelmann | Chris Hibbert | Prediction Markets

Lee Cronin | The First Programmable Turing Complete Chemical Computer

Kate Sills | NFTs and Engineering Property Rights

Peter Norvig | A Modern Approach to AI

Brewster Kahle | Locking the Web Open

Adam Marblestone & Ben Reinhardt | FRO & PARPA: Innovating in Scientific Innovation

Toby Ord | Existential Risk and Existential Hope

Mark S. Miller | Civilization as relevant superintelligence

Christine Peterson | Meatspace & Cyberspace: How Can We Get the Best of Both

Trent McConaghy, Peter Schlecht, Jessy Kate Schingler | AI DAO's, Brain Computer Interfaces, & Lunar Governance

Emil Kendziorra, Tyler Golato, Paul Kolhaas, Ole Mensching | Longevity + Cryonics + Crypto

Anders Sandberg | Post-Scarcity Civilizations & Cognitive Enhancement

David Baker | De Novo Protein Design

Alex Zhavoronkov | Longevity as a Service

Nir Barzilai | Targeting Aging with Metformin

Morgan Levine & Jamie Justice | On Biomarker Standardization

Daniel Ellsberg | Nuclear Risks: Doomsday (Still) Hiding in Plain Sight

Chiara Marletto| On Quantum Computing and the Science of Can and Can’t

Robin Hanson | The Elephant in the Brain: Hidden Motives and Social Agendas

Tyler Cowen | Civilization as Crusonia Plant, Stubborn Attachments and Future Discounting

Tom Chi | Understanding Investment and Fundraising

Audrey Tang | Digital Tools for Openness in Asia and Beyond

Aubrey de Grey | Reaching Escape Velocity in Longevity for Most People Alive Today

Scott Aaronson | Quantum Computing: History, Near-term Applications, Future Possibilities

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Balaji Srinivasan | The Network State: Bootstrapping Cloud Cities