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Foresight Institute is a pioneering research organization and non-profit dedicated to the beneficial development of high-impact technologies. Founded in 1986 with a mission to steer the course of powerful technologies, we've grown into a multifaceted entity, diving into fields that traditional institutions often overlook. From the precise engineering of molecular nanotechnology to the expansive dreams of space exploration, the seamless integration of brain-computer interfaces, the decentralized promises of cryptocommerce, and the intelligent potential of AI, Foresight is at the forefront. Here, leading minds converge to push the boundaries of research and fast-track the arrival of flourishing futures.

The Existential Hope Drop

What makes a future worth aiming for? The Existential Hope Drop, our monthly newsletter and podcast, is dedicated to exploring this question. We don't shy away from the challenges ahead; instead, we look for actionable solutions and innovative ideas. By featuring the latest in science and technology and insights from leading experts, we aim to encourage progress that confronts the dangers while paving the way to a hopeful future. Each issue includes a podcast episode where we dive deeper into these topics with an expert, offering listeners direct access to the minds shaping our path forward.

Our Book Gaming the Future: Technologies for Intelligent Voluntary Cooperation

Have you ever played Civilization? In the game, you’re discovering technologies that unlock new levels, one capability at a time. But not all innovations are equal. Better technologies of cooperation could unlock new levels of progress across the board. Opportunities for bright futures enabled by bio, nano, and computing technologies are now within our reach. Their proliferation also comes with risks and authoritarian attempts at control. This book explores how technologies of intelligent voluntary cooperation can help us navigate the traps. Cryptocommerce enables decentralized, secure cooperation across human and computing entities. This unlocks a Paretotropian future of high technology and high freedom.

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The Foresight Institute isn’t just about envisioning grand futures; it's about creating them. We invite trailblazers, thinkers, and anyone ready to make a positive impact on the world to join our cause.

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president of @foresightinst: biotech for health extension, nanotech for better stuff, cryptocommerce for human ai cooperation, all for xhope. Join!
Chief Scientist, Agoric. Senior Fellow, Foresight Institute
Cofounder & Senior Fellow, Foresight Institute