Dec 17, 2021 • 41M

Mark Miller & Dean Tribble | The Agoric Approach to Computing

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Allison Duettmann
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“In the mid 90s, we had a vision of smart contracting well before the invention of blockchain.”

This episode is a fireside chat Q&A with Mark S. Miller and Dean Tribble of Agoric. Agoric is an open-source development company launching an interoperable Proof-of-Stake chain and economy. Their JavaScript-native smart contract platform offers developers a safe, reusable library of DeFi components to rapidly build and deploy on-chain.

Mark S. Miller is a pioneer of Agoric (market-based secure distributed) computing and smart contracts, an architect of the Xanadu hypertext publishing system, a former Google research scientist, and a senior fellow of the Foresight Institute.

Dean Tribble co-designed the negotiation process and contract for the first smart contracting system, AMiX. As a Principal Architect at Microsoft, he co-designed the Midori distributed object-capability operating system. 


I Knew a Guy by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



Remarks: The length of this recording has been altered.