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Fascinating thanks Alison! A critical ethical topic that you only touch on lightly here is the scope of our moral consideration. Most are comfortable that all human beings warrant moral consideration and many are open to the idea that future artificial intelligences might also. More urgent, more important, yet generally neglected as a topic, is the moral consideration of the sextillion non-human sentient beings we share our planet with today, both in the wild and in our farms.

I'd like to see our creative, co-operative gaming of the future grounded in Sentientism. A commitment both to a methodologically naturalistic epistemology but also to a sentiocentric moral scope. In short, "evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings". Putting that into practice clashes hard with our social norms re: the industrial harming & killing of trillions of non-human sentients for mostly trivial human reasons - but that just makes it even more critical we boldly address this taboo. Exploitation, needless harm and killing of any sentient being surely can't be part of our vision for the future?

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